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Star Sports reviewWorking alongside the manufacturing operations, Ibstock Brick’s engineers, and their energy consultant, ECO Projects, Woodward Group delivered a precisely-planned lighting solution that reduced the company’s energy bills, minimised their carbon emissions, and decreased their maintenance costs.


Ibstock Brick


Construction / building products / production


LED and Emergency lighting solution rolled-out to all UK Ibstock Brick premises.


£500,000 (plus)

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Company wide


To provide and install an energy efficient scheme for LED lighting, including emergency lighting.




The government has set a target for the number of new homes to be built across the UK. Ibstock Brick, one of the UK’s leading brickmakers and supplier of brick products, has increased production to keep up with demand, bringing with it the requirement for improvements to be star sports medicinemade to the working environment, and a strategy to maximise lighting efficiency and levels.


Woodward Group designed and delivered a precisely planned lighting solution that reduced energy bills, minimised CO2 emissions, and decreased maintenance costs, as well as meeting stringent health and safety standards. Working alongside Ibstock Brick’s manufacturing operations facilities and staff, its engineers, energy consultant, and Star Sports reviewECO products, this nationwide upgrade project is one of various energy solutions projects Woodward Group has delivered for Ibstock Brick and ECO Projects.